Threshold Sessions: Actions in the Vestible

TSpromoimageSavernack Street introduces a new performance art series:


Site-specific one-night performance residencies taking place behind the peephole at the gallery; an occupation of interstitial space.

SESSION 1:  Self-Soothe/ Soothe City by Sarah-Dawn Albani

Self Soothe/Soothe City considers the in between space that the lullaby occupies as a means to transform the fear and anxiety in our bodies into powerful sensations of connectedness. Savernack Street gallery is considered as incubation chamber- haven for transformation- sound as method- performance as parameter- the threshold to another state/way of being.

Artist bio: Sarah-Dawn Albani practices theory. Her recent work confronts the isolation and anxiety of our digital age and its effects within our bodies. This confrontation becomes poetry, objects, sound, athletic action, family, home.

10/17/15 7pm start time, durational. End time undetermined.
Curated by Carrie Katz & Natasha Matteson